Victoria Minis Car Club GARAGE DAY – 7 April 2024


It had threatened rain all day, but it only fell in small amounts to spot the car’s wax job, but not enough to warrant a rain jacket. So much for the weather report and now GARAGE DAY!
It was a small gathering that made for great interaction and passing of knowledge between everyone. I would like to thank all that attended to make this a successful event.
Many thanks to Mike for opening his hobby garage to us as well as Richard for providing the technical expertise that was invaluable considering the mixed bag of vehicles. Thanks again to Linda for providing these photos of the day.
We were able to look at several different vehicles on the hoist from Classic Minis and MINIS to a brand new hot-hatch Toyota GT Corolla. All were impressed with the variations in design and engineering throughout the years and manufacturers.

Below are the photos of the day: 

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