Shawnigan Lake Shenanigans 20 Aug 2023

Here we are almost at the end of August and smoke has filled the air, so thanks to Richard Ford, we were on the road to Shawnigan Lake and the Kinsol Trestle (2869 Glen Eagles Rd Shawnigan Lake BC V0R 2W0). We gathered together at our usual spot on McCallum road in Langford for the up-island drive. It was very busy when we departed at 11 am, with a couple of cars getting separated from the main group, but after a minor course adjustment, we were able to get onto the Hwy 1 going north. Of course it was busy all the way with the construction zone and one lane merging, but the main body of cars waited for us as we turned left at the Shawnigan Lake – Mill Bay Rd traffic light. Once all together, we drove on through Shawnigan Lake village … not the Lake, to arrive at the Kinsol Trestle Parking Area.
We enjoyed an extended walk (on the map it was just over 2km) to the trestle. After a few pictures and talking to several other visitors that said how much they loved our Minis/MINIs, we departed for the return journey to Victoria.
We headed down the west side of Shawnigan Lake and back to Hwy 1 on the road to Victoria. Of course the travel south was busier with stop-and-go crawling, as the two lanes of traffic merged into one. However, it really did not seem too bad.
Thanks to everyone that attended and enjoyed the drive, camaraderie and the picturesque Kinsol Trestle. Here are a few pictures of our adventure:

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