Christmas Party

hogan tMike and Deb Smith are hosting this year’s event being held on Sunday, 6 December.  It will start around 2:30 pm and goes till 6 pm or so.
We will have door prizes to be given away during the party.  As it is a pot luck affair, if you can, let us know what food dish choice you will be bringing, so that we have an idea of what we will need for the party.  Of course, please bring whatever your choice of beverages (Milk, pop, beer, wine or other) you like as well.  If you know any of the Alumni of the Victoria Minis Car Club, let them know about the party as well and it is always good to see old friends that we don’t get together with too often.
If you can, contact me  so I can give you further details and we can have an idea of how many will be attending the Christmas Bash.
Terry (aka Da Prez!)