Ice Cream run results / Next Portland

hogan tWell, we had a great drive around the local municipalities and many onlookers may have whiplash because of the great collection of Mini/MINIs passing by.  On more than one occasion, we were cheered and given the thumbs up.  I would like to thank Doug for providing an interesting drive that took us through several streets and roads seldom travelled which is typical of his planned routes.  Mr. Tubbs was an excellent finishing location as you can see by the photos.  Next up is our road trip to Portland OR for the All British Field Meet at the Portland International Raceway.  For those that are not able to join us, stay tuned for pictures.

Ice Cream Run August 28

hall m&dI just found out that August 28th. is an important date for some people. It is National Cherry Turnover Day. Onam is celebrated in India. Ghost Day is celebrated in Vietnam. It is also National Mouse Racing Day. In 1609 Henry Hudson began exploring the Bay of Delaware. In 1898 Pepsi-Cola was invented. In 1907 UPS was founded. In 1937 Toyota became an independent company. In 1965 Shania Twain was born. In 1982 Le Ann Rimes was born. In 1991 the collapse of the Soviet Union started and of course it is 20 days before my birthday on September 12th. So I believe we should all go out and celebrate by eating Ice Cream Drive Starts at 7:00 (ish) pm at  the top of Mount Tolmie;  We will cruise through the hoods and check out some cool cribs, cross over the line and through downtown to show off our cool rides, ending up at Mr. Tubbs for some rappin and ice cream at 3454 Tillicum Rd. about 8 pm.

Cheers Doug,
V.M.C.C. Event Coordinator