Fathers Day and Event Info

hogan tIt was a glorious morning as Linda I were helping out directing vehicles as a volunteers in support of Father’s Day Picnic in the Park held in Beacon Hill Park.  Several Mini/MINIS drove down as a group to take their rightful position between the Jaguars and the Morgans.  All day, the public and other car enthusiasts stopped by to chat and exchange stories about the Minis.  Everyone had a great time and I would like to thank all those responsible especially the Old English Car Club volunteers for organizing this fantastic event.

Looking forward to Mini Meet West 2015 in Abbotsford, BC being held 29 June – 2 July 2015, and a multitude of events to follow.

Circle your calendar for 12 July 2015 to attend Brits on the Beach held at Transfer Beach in Ladysmith, BC.  The Mini/MINI is the marquis automobile for this year!  Here is the link:  http://oecc.ca/cib/brits_on_the_beach.htm



Love is Mini a splendor thing!


Next Event: Fathers Day Picnic

hogan tHi everyone, next event is the Fathers Day Picnic in Beacon Hill Park. We will meet at the Tim Horton’s on the corner of Ravine Way and Blanchard St. (Save -On-Foods Grocery across from Uptown) and will depart around 9 A.M-ish to Beacon Hill Park.  We will travel to Cook St, turn right on Park Blvd and take the first left into Nursery Rd where Parking Marshals will direct us.  This is a free event and there are a lot of interesting vehicles to check out as well.  Don’t forget to bring something to sit on for yourselves as seating is limited.  It is a picnic, but there are a lot of restaurants nearby with a variety of food choices.  An enthusiastic public attendance to check out the cars is punctuated by r love of the Minis/MINIs.

Meeting at Timmies prior to the 2014 Fathers Day Picnic

Meeting at Timmies prior to the 2014 Fathers Day Picnic

Oak Bay Parade Report
It was a glorious day with the 3 Minis gathering to impress the crowds.  Our candy folk were soon running low on supplies, but marched on regardless.  The crowds were once again very appreciative of the Minis, although they did not have a MINI to ogle over.  All cars completed the parade without incident and we enjoyed ourselves as much as the viewers did.  Toots was asked to help out the Reynolds Marching Band by sounding the horn at the appropriate time which she did very well.  Have a look at the photos.

I would like to thank all that attended and know that if the rest were able to make it, you would have.  Enjoy this beautiful weather.

Terry (aka Da Prez!)


hall m&d Caleb Pike Report

The Mighty Minis/MINIs got together and headed out to the Highlands area for
an excellent drive.  Our main stop at the Caleb Pike Heritage Park was very
interesting.  Having read about it previously, but never venturing there, it
was a worthwhile adventure.   A glorious day for a nice 2 hour run through
the Highlands with roads that I swear were designed with Minis/MINIs in
Below is a video Andrew put together along with a few photos of the Caleb Pike Drive on 31 May 2015.