Funkhana Testing

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Hi everyone,
Great news, we have the go-ahead to conduct the testing of Doug and Terry’s Funkhana and Car Box layouts at the Western Speedway in Langford starting around 6pm on Tuesday, 12 May 2015.  The address is 2207 Millstream Rd, Victoria, BC V9B 6H2.
This will be a lot of fun and the weather is supposed to be great, so I am hoping for a strong turnout from our membership so we can test a variety of Minis/MINIs.
We are doing this so that we can have some fun and ensure we have an even playing field for all models in preparation for the Mini Meet West in Abbotsford.
Even if you don’t have your Mini/MINI come on out!  So having said that, I hope to see you there!
Enjoy the Mini splendors of the road!
Terry (aka Da Prez!)
Mini Nanaimo Scavenger Hunt
The Mini After Easter Scavenger Hunt at Mini Nanaimo was a fun event that mini owners were all encouraged to take part in.  The dealership people all worked hard to get different businesses that were open on Sunday to take part.  Everyone was to arrive at 11:30 and we were greeted with Easter Eggs, T shirts, Pins and a bag to collect all our “Hunt” with $50 to start us off.  Coffee and goodies were plentiful and then off we went with 10 riddles to solve to find the businesses  that would give us Easter eggs filled with play money.  My navigator and I are not from Nanaimo and we did not have a smart phone, two things that would have been very much useful.  But we were able to find 7 out of the 10 challenges and were back on time 2 hours later.  The yummy smell of BBQ Burgers, Brats, veg burgers, etc greeted us.  After enjoying some time to eat, the serious part of the day took place.  We opened up all our eggs to find we had $275, this unfortunately was not enough to win any of the auction lots that were offered up from the very enthusiastic auctioneer.  There were Mini bags, clock, cups, stuffed animals and all sorts of things.  Problem was groups teamed up together doubling their cash bidding power ( not sure if that was a good policy to allow).  All in all the event was well done and we enjoyed it, especially as it did not rain! 
Bonus was I had a lesson on how to put on my new wipers which I had ordered and were there ready for me.
OECC Reso Fair and Swap Meet photo 1It was an interesting day at the OECC restoration fair with a day spent looking at Classic and new cars of English heritage.  The weather did not dampen the spirits of the multitude of proud owners and the general public.  As always, the Minis garnered much attention and interest throughout the day.  It was good to see a few old faces and meet new owners of both Classic Minis and MINIs.  There was a good offering
of vehicles and parts for sale.  Thanks to all that attended and hope to see you at our Club events taking place this year.

Events this Weekend


Hi Everyone. Two events of note this weekend:

1). Old English Car Club Show, Swap and Sale at the Heritage Acres on the Pat Bay Highway 12 April 2015.  Heritage Acres, admission is $3.00 per person, (Children under 12 free).


2). For those interested there will be an After Easter scavenger hunt around the City of Nanaimo. The Mini Nanaimo dealer is hosting. Those interested can RSVP by sending an email to or calling 1-250-585-6959. The time of this event is from 11:30am to 2:30pm at the Nanaimo dealership located at 2470 Kenworth Road.

For people attending either event please take some pictures and even submit a small writeup about the event.

Happy Motoring,