Annual General Meeting

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Hi folks! The Purple Gardens Restaurant is the restaurant where we will be holding our Annual General Meeting at on Sunday, 9 November with dinner commencing at 6 pm.  They have an area set aside at the back for us, So mention Terry Hogan or Victoria Minis Car Club. For those not familiar with the restaurant, they have a variety of selected dishes or an excellent buffet (Recommended) to choose from. If you choose to arrive earlier, I am sure that will be okay.
 Address:  1551 Cedar Hill Cross Rd #138, Victoria, BC V8P 2P3, Canada
 Located between Cedar Hill Road and Shelbourne St.  There is ample parking below and on top. Here is the link:
Terry (aka Da Prez!)


Thanks Doug!

Mini Selfie Pick. Where's Richard

Doug as always ensures he takes care of even the smallest details to make an event fun! For example, today he went to the extent of keeping the rain away till after lunch (2pm to be precise) so that we could enjoy the ride first, followed by a nice lunch and then a free car wash on the way home with the rain. What a guy!!
The day started off when we left Timi Hortons near Costco around 10:30. With the nicely ordered weather we all agreed to modify the route and add in a quick detour to the Kinsol trestle. The combination of highway riding, backroad twists, off roading, and hiking generated a lot of smiles and generated big appetites. It truly had every element to showcase how great the mini is to drive in varying conditions. And with such a great ride came a great lunch in Cow Bay. Below are just a few pictures courtesy of Doug and Alan of our visit to Kinsol Trestle, the suspension bridge at Bright Angel Park, salute to the flying pig on cherry point road, and lastly some great fall color scenery.
P.S. Don’t forget this weeks club meeting if you can make it.
It’s at Alan and Jeans 7pm Wednesday October 15’th. We will be discussing several items including the upcoming AGM,  Christmas Party and Mini Meet West 2015, that we are co-hosting with the Vancouver Mini Club.  
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