Reminder Peninsula Drive

Doug and Merville have worked out the details for the Peninsula Drive March 17. Meet at Beaver Lake Filter Beds Parking lot, for a 10:30 am start. Come out and explore the Peninsula. No questions to answer while driving. Learn some local history before and during the drive. Approximate driving time 1 1/2 hours, 60kms. Easy to follow instructions; just follow the car in front of you. Catch up points for stragglers and those who followed the car in front. Emergency contact number provided. Enjoy lunch with a group of mini/Mini owners at 1:00pm. Just an old fashioned Sunday drive with a little twist. Do not worry if you do not have your Mini on the road, You can use the Pseudo Mini (aka the Mini Camry, Mini Kia, or Mini Bugatti etc.).

Contact Doug and Merville prior to March 10th So that lunch reservations can be made, and a restaurant chosen that can accommodate our numbers.

Cheers Doug and Merville

Invite letter to European Classic Car Meet Calgary

Curtis Durtnall From the Vintage Sports Car Club of Calgary wrote to invite us to participate in their Annual European Classic Car Meet in Calgary, July 20’th 2013. If you have plans to be in Calgary around this time or are looking for a good reason to head that way this may be a fun event to attend. His web link and letter are below:

Vintage Sports Car Club of Calgary

503 Brookmere Crescent SW

Calgary, AB T2W 2R2

Greetings fellow enthusiasts,

You and your club members are cordially invited to participate in our annual European Classic Car Meet to be held in Calgary, on July 20th 2013.

This event has run successfully for the past 25 years and we are still striving to make the next year’s event even bigger and better.

Car shows can have a tendency to become stale, with the same group with the same cars from one year to the next. We at the VSCCC feel that we can shake this up by attracting participants from clubs across Western Canada and the northern USA. This will introduce new vintage cars to the public and participants, and make the whole show more exciting.

VSCCC members have offered to billet some out of town participants and we are working on preferred rates at a host hotel.

We offer a Rev-Up Party on Friday evening at the host hotel and on Sunday the VSCCC will host
a breakfast and a tour in the beautiful Rocky Mountain Foothills.

We are working on making this a premier event with the hope of drawing new friends from
outside Alberta. Please help us by participating and making this one of your clubs feature tours, we promise you an exciting and enjoyable three days in post stampede Calgary.

I look forward to meeting you on July 20th.


Chris Durtnall

I nter-club Coord inator
VSCCC Vintage Sports Car Club of Calgary