Mini Xmas Party

What: Victoria Minis Car Club Christmas Party
When: Sunday December 3rd 2017
Where:¬†Mike Smith is hosting this year’s event
Who: All current members of VMCC
Why: Why not? Why are you even asking? ūüėČ
It will start around 3 pm and goes till 6 pm or so.

Please RSVP to Terry if you are coming or not so we can have an idea of how many will be attending the fun event.  As it is a pot luck affair, if you can, let us know what food dish choice you will be bringing, so that we have an idea of what we will need for the party.  Of course, please bring whatever your choice of beverages (Milk, pop, beer, wine or other) you like as well.

New Years Day Run

New Year’s Day Run :
¬†The MG Club has cordially invited us to join their New Year’s Day Run on 1 Jan 2017. ¬†Mark your calendars and have you Mini/MINI/Mini Want-to-be ready for a delightful ride and lunch afterwards if you are interested. Event starts at 12:30pm !!


Annual AGM & Xmas Party


We will be having the Annual General Meeting in November and look forward to seeing a lot of you there.  At the AGM we will be subsidizing each membership $10.00 towards the cost of the meal.  The meeting on Sunday, 6 November 2016 will be starting with dinner around 6 pm at the Purple Garden Restaurant at 1551 Cedar Hill XRd (mention you are with the Victoria Minis Car Club).  If you do not want to eat, the meeting will begin around 7 pm.  A reminder that our Club year goes from 1 November to 31 October,  so you can renew your membership for the 2016/2017 ($30.00) before or during the dinner prior to the commencement of the AGM.  Unfortunately, if you have not renewed your membership, you are not able to vote at the 2016/2017 AGM. Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting. We will have some great door prizes.  If you are interested in being part of  the Executive, please let me know, but you can easily decide to do so at the AGM as well.


Victoria Minis Car Club Christmas Party –¬† Krista Carle has kindly offered to host the Club’s Christmas party on Sunday 18 Dec 2016 starting around 2 pm-ish.¬† Please bring your choice of beverage and a food choice as it is a pot-luck affair.¬† Past parties have been a good time and¬† a great enhancement to the Christmas Holidays.

Ice Cream Run

On Monday, 15 August, 2016, we will meet at the Tim Hortons at the corner of Cedar Hill Cross Road and Shelbourne St.  We will depart around 7pm and take a nice short drive to take in a few sights and then head to Mr. Tubbs for a delectable ice-cream delight.


February Meeting

What a great day to go for a drive! 

Just to let you know that we will be getting together at the Victoria BMW-MINI dealership on Monday, 15 February 2016 with the meeting starting around 6:45 pm.  This would be an excellent opportunity to pay this year’s dues for those that have not done so already.

The dealership is located at:

95 Esquimalt Rd.,
Victoria, British Columbia
V9A 3K8

I recommend arriving earlier as there is the new Clubman to check out as well as the other new MINIs.  There will be an entry on the parking lot area towards the back side that will be open. 

Looking forward to seeing you there. Terry (aka Da Prez)


Ice Cream run results / Next Portland

hogan tWell, we had a great drive around the local municipalities and many onlookers may have whiplash because of the great collection of Mini/MINIs passing by.  On more than one occasion, we were cheered and given the thumbs up.  I would like to thank Doug for providing an interesting drive that took us through several streets and roads seldom travelled which is typical of his planned routes.  Mr. Tubbs was an excellent finishing location as you can see by the photos.  Next up is our road trip to Portland OR for the All British Field Meet at the Portland International Raceway.  For those that are not able to join us, stay tuned for pictures.

Fathers Day and Event Info

hogan tIt was a glorious morning as Linda I were helping out directing vehicles as a volunteers in support of Father’s Day Picnic in the Park held in Beacon Hill Park.  Several Mini/MINIS drove down as a group to take their rightful position between the Jaguars and the Morgans.  All day, the public and other car enthusiasts stopped by to chat and exchange stories about the Minis.  Everyone had a great time and I would like to thank all those responsible especially the Old English Car Club volunteers for organizing this fantastic event.

Looking forward to Mini Meet West 2015 in Abbotsford, BC being held 29 June ‚Äď 2 July 2015, and a multitude of events to follow.

Circle your calendar for 12 July 2015 to attend Brits on the Beach held at Transfer Beach in Ladysmith, BC.  The Mini/MINI is the marquis automobile for this year!  Here is the link:



Love is Mini a splendor thing!


Next Event: Fathers Day Picnic

hogan tHi everyone, next event is the Fathers Day Picnic in Beacon Hill Park. We will meet at the Tim Horton’s¬†on the corner of Ravine Way and Blanchard St. (Save -On-Foods Grocery across from Uptown) and will depart around 9 A.M-ish to Beacon Hill Park.¬†¬†We will travel to Cook St, turn right on Park Blvd and take the first left into Nursery Rd where Parking Marshals will direct us.¬† This is a free event and there are a lot of interesting vehicles to check out as well.¬† Don’t forget to bring something to sit on for yourselves as seating is limited.¬† It is a picnic, but there are a lot of restaurants nearby with a variety of food choices.¬†¬†An enthusiastic public attendance to check out the cars is punctuated by r love of the Minis/MINIs.

Meeting at Timmies prior to the 2014 Fathers Day Picnic

Meeting at Timmies prior to the 2014 Fathers Day Picnic

Oak Bay Parade Report
It was a glorious day with the 3 Minis gathering to impress the crowds.  Our candy folk were soon running low on supplies, but marched on regardless.  The crowds were once again very appreciative of the Minis, although they did not have a MINI to ogle over.  All cars completed the parade without incident and we enjoyed ourselves as much as the viewers did.  Toots was asked to help out the Reynolds Marching Band by sounding the horn at the appropriate time which she did very well.  Have a look at the photos.

I would like to thank all that attended and know that if the rest were able to make it, you would have.  Enjoy this beautiful weather.

Terry (aka Da Prez!)


hall m&d Caleb Pike Report

The Mighty Minis/MINIs got together and headed out to the Highlands area for
an excellent drive.  Our main stop at the Caleb Pike Heritage Park was very
interesting.  Having read about it previously, but never venturing there, it
was a worthwhile adventure.   A glorious day for a nice 2 hour run through
the Highlands with roads that I swear were designed with Minis/MINIs in
Below is a video Andrew put together along with a few photos of the Caleb Pike Drive on 31 May 2015.



Funkhana Testing

hogan t
Hi everyone,
Great news, we have the go-ahead to conduct the testing of¬†Doug and Terry’s Funkhana and Car Box layouts at the Western Speedway¬†in Langford starting around 6pm on Tuesday, 12 May 2015.¬† The address is 2207 Millstream Rd, Victoria, BC V9B 6H2.
This will be a lot of fun and the weather is supposed to be great, so I am hoping for a strong turnout from our membership so we can test a variety of Minis/MINIs.
We are doing this so that we can have some fun and ensure we have an even playing field for all models in preparation for the Mini Meet West in Abbotsford.
Even if you don’t have your Mini/MINI come on out!¬† So having said that, I hope to see you there!
Enjoy the Mini splendors of the road!
Terry (aka Da Prez!)
Mini Nanaimo Scavenger Hunt
The Mini After Easter Scavenger Hunt at Mini Nanaimo was a fun event that mini owners were all encouraged to take part in.¬† The dealership people all worked hard to get different businesses¬†that were open on Sunday to take part.¬† Everyone was to arrive at 11:30 and we were greeted with Easter Eggs, T shirts, Pins and a bag to collect all our “Hunt” with $50 to start us off.¬† Coffee and goodies were plentiful and then off we went with 10 riddles to solve to find the businesses¬†¬†that would give us Easter eggs filled with play money.¬† My navigator and I are not from Nanaimo and we did not have a smart phone, two things that would have been very much useful.¬† But we were able to find 7 out of the 10 challenges and were back on time 2 hours later.¬† The yummy smell of BBQ Burgers, Brats, veg burgers, etc greeted us.¬† After enjoying some time to eat, the serious part of the day took place.¬† We opened up all our eggs to find we had $275, this unfortunately was not enough to win any of the auction lots that were offered up from the very enthusiastic auctioneer.¬† There were Mini bags, clock, cups, stuffed animals and all sorts of things.¬† Problem was groups teamed up together doubling their cash bidding power ( not sure if that was a good policy to allow).¬†¬†All in all the event was well done and we enjoyed it, especially as it did not rain!¬†
Bonus was I had a lesson on how to put on my new wipers which I had ordered and were there ready for me.
OECC Reso Fair and Swap Meet photo 1It was an interesting day at the OECC restoration fair with a day spent looking at Classic and new cars of English heritage.  The weather did not dampen the spirits of the multitude of proud owners and the general public.  As always, the Minis garnered much attention and interest throughout the day.  It was good to see a few old faces and meet new owners of both Classic Minis and MINIs.  There was a good offering
of vehicles and parts for sale.  Thanks to all that attended and hope to see you at our Club events taking place this year.

Events this Weekend


Hi Everyone. Two events of note this weekend:

1). Old English Car Club Show, Swap and Sale at the Heritage Acres on the Pat Bay Highway 12 April 2015.  Heritage Acres, admission is $3.00 per person, (Children under 12 free).


2). For those interested there will be an After Easter scavenger hunt around the City of Nanaimo. The Mini Nanaimo dealer is hosting. Those interested can RSVP by sending an email to or calling 1-250-585-6959. The time of this event is from 11:30am to 2:30pm at the Nanaimo dealership located at 2470 Kenworth Road.

For people attending either event please take some pictures and even submit a small writeup about the event.

Happy Motoring,



President Update

hogan tWell, we had a great time in Portland OR at the All British Field Meet.  The trip was enjoyable and we encountered no issues along the way.  Linda garnered a 1st in the New MINI Category and Mike placed a 3rd in the Classic Variants. Both Classes had very good number of cars to choose from.
Don’t forget the English Car Affair in the Park at Fort Rod Hill hosted by the Old English Car Club¬† ¬†This is a great show and the weather will be very good.¬†¬†Our Club is¬†the reigning undisputed champions of the Italian Job Gold Heist competition and I hope we can get a good team together to ensure our dominance of this event continues.¬† Unfortunately, I will be away and thus unable to participate.¬† I hope to see some great pictures and a¬†report of the event on our website.
We will not be having a meeting this month as the weather is just too nice.  It is just like the weather we had for excellent BBQ we had that was hosted by Mike and Deb.  Thanks again to Doug for setting up an excellent drive ahead of a wonderful BBQ.  Stay tuned for further activities.
NEWS FLASH Tuesday, 9 September 2014
Today, the 3-millionth MINI rolled of the Cowley assembly line in Oxford (BMW call it¬†‘Plant Oxford’)

Fathers Day in the Park/ More…


hogan tHi folks a few reminder!
1. ¬†¬†Fathers Day in the Park Sun June 15, 2014 –¬†e

The Club will meet at the Tim Horton’s¬†on the corner of Ravine Way and Blanchard St. (Save -On-Foods Grocery across from Uptown) and will depart around 9 A.M-ish.¬†¬†We will travel to Cook St, turn right on Park Blvd and take the first left into Nursery Rd where Parking Marshals will direct us.¬† We will have a short meeting during the day as well.
It looks like it will be a nice day on Sunday, so lets have a great turnout.
2. Swap Meet. For all interested, there will be a swap meet June 22nd 7am to 4pm at the Saanich Fairgrounds put on by the Vintage Car Club of Canada (Victoria Chapter)
3.¬†Another new MINI¬†“Rog the Hat” posted this on Facebook and I thought you may be interested.
Just click on this link MINI 5-Door Hatch
4. Another new MINI Concept.  Unveiling of MINI Superleggera Vision Рcheck it out!

Stay tuned!

Terry (aka Da Prez!)


Poker Run Results

hall m&dWe had seven cars participate with 21 poker hands purchased for the Shawnigan lake Poker Run. Although the rain tried to dampen the fun I believe we are had a good day capped off with a great dinner at the Four Mile Pub. Congratulations to Alan for the best hand and Duane for second best hand.

Cheers Doug VMCC Event Coordinator
And we are off (7 cars and 21 hopeful poker hands)!
Strategic Picking  Pics of Poker hand cards at the third checkpoint
And the Winner goes to Allan with two pairs (10’s and 4’s). Second place to Duane who had 2 Ace’s up his sleeve.


P1010559This year the ABFM at Van Dusen Gardens in Vancouver  had 527 cars, and the weather held with overcast sky, followed by sunshine! The Minis/MINI count was a little lower this year, but some pretty nice ones showed up. From our club, Merville and Doug were on show with their new MINI and I took over the Mini GTM Coupe. We reconnected with old friends from the Vancouver Mini Club and the Seattle Area Mini Owners club. Overall it was a great show!

More pics here :


Next Event: “Seven Mountain Tour”

 hall m&d

Our next Event! 

The February club event will be the ‚ÄúSeven Mountain Tour‚ÄĚ. This drive / rally will challenge your fear of mountains without gaining elevation or using up those valuable brake pads.

When: Sunday February 9th,  starting from Tim Horton’s at the corner of Cedar Hill Rd. and Shelbourne St. at 1:00 o’clock.

What: The drive is  approximately 50kms (if completed properly), as with all our drives there will be some surmountable twists and turns, ending up at a local Cidery for a tour, taste and awarding the winner their trophy.

How: Instructions will be given out at the start, no copilot necessary, only 7 questions to answer and all makes and models welcome, if the mini is unlicensed.

P.S. Bring your Victoria street map
It would be helpful (not necessary) if you let me know if you were planning to participate.

Cheers Doug



cropped-smP1050381-1.jpg¬†Some people say there isn’t much to do during rainy weekends, but, ¬†that hasn’t stopped Alan. Hedecided to build a custom matching trailer for his Moke. Great job Alan!I can’t wait to see it in person. I like how Alan paid attention to the details like how the shape of the trailer fenders match the Moke. Check out some of the build pictures below.


chapman d

The MG club was gracious to include us again in their New Years Day rally and lunch event. ¬†A great way to celebrate the bringing in of the new year. We had 19 mini club members out with¬†10 Minis in attendance. The MG club had approximately 36 members show up with MGB’s, an MG TD, MGA, MG Y saloon, and several Jaguars to name a few. Mini’s representation included a couple classic Minis, a couple new Coopers, a couple new Mini Cooper S’s, a John Cooper Works GP, a Mini Paceman and a Mini Countryman. There were even a couple heavily modified Minis that resembled a Corvette and Land Rover. Everyone was impressed with Gord’s new Mini Countryman that sported 1.75 inch lowering springs and 19 inch JCW wheels giving it a nice riding stance. Below are some pictures from today’s event. The wide angle photo at cattle point was submitted by Erin Hartley. Thanks Erin! Also are some pictures of MG’s and Mini’s from Alan also.

new years day


Happy New Year!

cartoon 53 small square3

Next Event Jan1 2014

Hi Everyone,

Message from your events coordinator;

Our first run of the year will be on News Years day. We will join up with the Victoria MG club at 11:30 am at Cattle Point. We will have about a 1 hour drive (usually with questions) and end up at JJ Morgans Restaurant for lunch at 1:00. We’ve had 14 people in the mini club already confirm they want to attend plus 36 from the MG Club.

Please confirm attendance A.S.A.P so numbers can be confirmed.

Contact Doug at
Terry (aka Da Prez!

President’s Message


hogan t

Good Day,

Well it has been an unusually dry October so far and the Victoria Minis Car Club 2012-2013 driving year is coming to a close on 31 October 2013.

Club Ball Caps РFor those that have paid, but have yet to pick up their ball hats with the club logo on it should do so by contacting Mike Smith .

15 October VMCC Monthly Meeting РWe had a great meeting with some interesting vehicles including Dylan’s Electric Mini and Ian’s updated Mini.  We had an International presence as Lammo, a Mini enthusiast from Germany attended the meeting and took several pictures.  We provided him a Cap and a Mug as a goodwill gesture on behalf of the Club.

Club Dues¬†— A reminder that you can pay the 2012 ‚Äď 2013 and/or next year‚Äôs(1 November 2013- 31 October 2014 dues ($30.00) anytime by contacting ¬†MikeSmith by¬†or by phone:¬†250-477-9650.

Club‚Äôs Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2 November 2013 R.S.V.P.¬†— The Club‚Äôs¬†Annual General Meeting will be taking place Saturday, 2 November 2013 at the Princess Mary Caf√©¬†459 Head St, Victoria, BC V9A 5S1, Canada.¬† Dinner will start at 6 p.m. with the meeting scheduled to start at 7 p.m.¬† It will be a sit down service and you can order from the menu.¬† It caters to all and has items that are gluten-free and various items for those that have allergies as well.¬† You can order what you like as you are paying for what you want.
It would be great if I could get an idea of how many are attending; so please R.S.V.P. to me by 28 October 2013 at .
Thanks to Dana and Lloyd for suggesting the restaurant.