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Fathers Day Run

Hello to all my fellow Mini enthusiasts

What a great way to start the summer and celebrate Father’s Day.  Richard created a fantastic drive around Greater Victoria that had great turns and bumps that made it a challenge to write the answers down as you drove by.  We maintained the 2-metre space between families at all times and did not exceed the number of people allowed to get together.  The questions were not too challenging, yet there were no signs of 100 percent from any of the vehicles at the end of the drive.  It did however, come down to a tie-breaker question to determine the winner. Graham and Daniel came closest to the actual number of Australian Mokes that rolled off the assembly lines.  To the folks in the couple of vehicles lost due to mechanical issues along the way, I am glad that you made it home safely (albeit at a somewhat reduced speed). Finally thanks to all that were able to join us and hope more of you can do so at our next event.  The attachments are a few photos that I took along the way. 

Terry (aka Da Prez!)

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